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White Fabric Carrot

These adorable white linen carrots are perfect for Easter decorating! They measure about 9 inches long. Learn More

Large Carrot

These adorable carrots are perfect for Easter! Each carrot measures about 11 inches long. Learn More

Bottle Brush Carrot

These adorable bottle brush carrots measure almost 6 inches long and are perfect for Easter! Learn More

Bunny Bloom Pillow

This sweet Bunny pillow measures 17 x 17 and is removable with a zipper for easy cleaning Its soft grey color will look adorable anywhere in your home Learn More

3 Orange String Carrots

These adorable decorative carrots come in sets of three and each one measures about 9 inches long. These adorable orange carrots are perfect for filling doughbowls or stuffing in any space that lacks color! Learn More

Velveteen Easter Bunny
Type: Various

These adorable velveteen easter bunnies are perfect for spring decor! They measure 9 inches tall by 5 inches wide and are available in green, pink, or purple! Learn More

Bundle Of 3 Carrots

These adorable, striped carrots come as a bundle of 3! They measure about 9.5 inches long. Learn More

Vintage Fabric Chick
Type: Various

These adorable, handmade chicks were made from vintage fabrics! Because they were handmade from vintage fabrics, each chick varies and no two are exactly the same. They are available in pink or white! They measure about 7 inches wide by 6 inches tall. Learn More

Vintage Fabric Rabbit
Type: Various

These adorable, handmade bunny rabbits were made from vintage fabrics! The fabric of the bowties differs from rabbit to rabbit with no two exactly the same. These measure about 16 inches long. They are available in navy ticking stripes, chenille, and cream fabric! Learn More

Muslin Carrot

These beautiful muslin fabric carrots measure about 15 inches long and are perfect for Easter! Learn More

Vintage Fabric Egg

These adorable, decorative eggs were handmade from vintage fabrics! They measure about 8 by 5 inches. Learn More

Handmade Beadboard Pastel
Type: 15

Ok I just an idea while I was sitting here thinking of a description for these cuties! Ya'll will love it! How cute would these eggs be over your girls laying box with her name on it! CUTE! These can be used anytime of the year especially to decorate chicken coops or in a bowl in the kitchen. They each measure 11 inches x 9 1/2 inches. Please specifiy a color in the comments if you have a preference, otherwise we will pick the cutest one for you! We have white, pink, and green. Learn More