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Pair Crestview Collection

Beautiful pair of Art Deco Buffet Lamps by Crestview Collection. Clear glass round base and a swirl of a yellow colored molded glass around grey metal lamp's body. This piece will definitely brighten up your room in style. Great conversation starter. Clear glass base measures approx 4 3/4'' tall and 4 1/2'' diameter. Shade measures 13'' tall 12'' diameter. Lamp stands 30 1/2'' tall without and 39 1/2'' with a shade. Yellow stained glass swirl measures approx 16'' tall, 2 1/2'' wide with 3-4 loops. Please note that yellow stained glass is handmade and they may not be identical, making this piece even more extra special. Also it ranges from a lighter yellow to darker shades of yellow. Please be kind and make sure to look at all the pictures for a closer visual. Thank you. Learn More

Vintage Inspired Farmhous
Type: 15

These light fixtures create the perfect vintage inspired farmhouse style for your porch or outdoor area. Each measures 8 inches in diameter. Learn More