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Welcome to our Online Store!

Resurrect is a one-of-a-kind antique store specializing in furniture, home decor, antiques, vintage inspired clothing, accessories and more.

Starting off as a small antique booth, we have grown into a southern phenomenon, shopped at by people from all around the country.

Resurrect simply means to bring back to life or to bring about a new purpose…..and we love to do just that!

We have anything from down on the farm decor to elegant French inspired pieces. Our inspiration is endless and we hope to inspire the world around us.

Pair Crestview Collection
Item Sizes: 22

Beautiful pair of Art Deco Buffet Lamps by Crestview Collection. Clear glass round base and a swirl of a yellow colored molded glass around grey metal lamp's body. This piece will definitely brighten up your room in style. Great conversation starter. Clear glass base measures approx 4 3/4'' tall and 4 1/2'' diameter. Shade measures 13'' tall 12'' diameter. Lamp stands 30 1/2'' tall without and 39 1/2'' with a shade. Yellow stained glass swirl measures approx 16'' tall, 2 1/2'' wide with 3-4 loops. Please note that yellow stained glass is handmade and they may not be identical, making this piece even more extra special. Also it ranges from a lighter yellow to darker shades of yellow. Please be kind and make sure to look at all the pictures for a closer visual. Thank you. Learn More

Abstract Art Print
Item Sizes: 22

This is a very cool Abstract art print canvas. Colors are vibrant and colorful. It measures 24 inches square. Learn More

Pair Vintage Gold Lamps
Item Sizes: 22

This pair of vintage gold brass lamps are wonderful. These would be great in a living or bedroom space. They work great and are in excellent shape. Shades are new. Each lamp is 20 inches tall. Learn More